Case Study: Floor Markings Improve Facility Operations

In a previous post, we learned in general how quality floor markings such as those offered by Preferred can improve workplace safety, facilitate the organizational methodology known as 5S, boost worker morale, and reduce company liability. Here, we’ll take a look at how the application of floor markings improved operations for specific facilities.

Case Study 1: Paper Industry Facility, Fort Wayne, IN

This paper industry facility created safer working conditions by clearly denoting travel lanes for pedestrian and forklift traffic. The solid blue lanes bordered by yellow lines indicate safe walking zones for pedestrians while the yellow hash-marked lines indicate where equipment traffic will intersect these pedestrian lanes.

Case Study 2: Automotive Plant, Fort Wayne, IN

Here, an automotive facility is using floor markings to organize the placement of manufacturing equipment. The black cells bordered by yellow lines indicate where presses are to be positioned. The blank (plain concrete) areas denote travel lanes for forklifts.

Case Study 3: Fastener Manufacturer, Indianapolis, IN

This fastener manufacturer is using solid yellow lanes to indicate where employees can safely walk. The yellow bars indicate where pedestrian traffic intersects with travel lanes for forklifts. Bright red “STOP” text provides clear instructions to forklift operators.

Case Study 4: RV Plant, IN, OH, TN

The green lanes at this RV plant indicate safe zones for pedestrian traffic. The yellow lines with blank space between are used for the staging of materials.

Case Study 5: Automotive Plant, Fort Wayne, IN

Here is another example of floor markings (black cells bordered by yellow striping) being used to indicate the placement of equipment. The blank areas are travel lanes for forklift traffic.

Case Study 6: Automotive Plant, Marshall, MI

At this automotive plant, pedestrian walkways are denoted by highly visible red lanes bordered by yellow striping. Yellow bars indicate where pedestrian walkways cross forklift travel lanes.
As demonstrated in the preceding photos, quality floor markings are a benefit to workplace safety, facilitate efficiency and organization, and add a professional sheen to any facility. Contact Preferred today for details on how you can improve your business with proper floor markings. Our friendly staff are always here to help.

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