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Flooring Technician

Shifts: 1st  Pay: $18-30/hr

Flooring technician will operate equipment, understands polishing and coating, remains clean and organized and will complete tasks from prejob and postjob checklist. 

Painting Technician 

Shift: 1st, Pay: $15-25/hr

Painting technician will follow directions from PM and PDM, remain clean and organized, and will complete tasks from prejob and postjob checklist. 

Roofing Technician

Shift: 1st  Pay: $18.00+/hr

Roofing Technician will follow guidelines to remain in a safe and clean environment, follow reporting instructions, coordinate and follow all job site tasks. 

  • Professional Development
    • We continue to invest in our team with continued education opportunities in partnership with some of our top vendors partners. 


Roofing Technician Job Description


Painting Technician Job Description


Flooring Technician Job Description