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With winter coming to an end and giving way to spring showers, you might notice that the winter was rougher on your roof than you’d have hoped for.

Epoxy flooring provides many key benefits for hard-worked areas such as garages, sheds, and industrial spaces.

Whether it’s time for new flooring, fresh paint or roof work, you’ll want the work to be completed with as few disruptions as possible.

Regular maintenance is an important part of any factory’s upkeep. Any unforeseen downtime will put you behind schedule, and it can end up costing you more than you’d care to imagine.

When you are searching for a commercial contractor, you want to work with a professional company with plenty of experience.

The Preferred Inc. – Fort Wayne painting team completed this American flag wall for the Honeywell Center of Wabash, Indiana.

As a business owner, you make the most of your investments by being sure to protect the key physical systems that you need to make your products or provide your services.

If you own a business located in an industrial building, you have a lot of responsibilities like making sure that your roof is doing its job of protecting your building and materials.

The floor of every factory is the foundation that everything else is built upon. Your machinery sits on it, your employees walk on it, and often times heavy vehicles drive across it to move product.

Fixed budgets for commercial maintenance roof costs create a problem, but there is a simple solution. It's important to spend time on roof maintenance before you have to spend money.

Nearly 40% of the world’s energy use can be attributed to buildings. According to the EPA, an average of 30 cents of every dollar companies spend on energy use in commercial buildings is wasted.

Your facility floor plays a vital role in the success of any robust ESD Control program. INHIBISTAT has a comprehensive product line along with technical and contracting support for all applications.

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