Questions to Ask Your Roofing or Painting Contractor

When you are searching for a commercial contractor, you want to work with a professional company with plenty of experience. Unfortunately, we’ve all heard the horror stories of poorly completed work. To protect your business, be sure to ask your potential contractor these questions to ensure that they are professional enough to do the work well.

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

1. Will we be able to continue operating our business?

Time is money. A good contractor will respect your time and work hard to finish the painting or roofing project with little or no disruptions to your business operations. In addition, the contractor should visit your company and see how to work around your employees and equipment safely and effectively.

2. Do you hire subcontractors?

Many commercial contractors will get the initial bid and begin to subcontract the work out to other people. While this is a common practice, you may be disappointed with the quality of work that subcontractors perform. Even though you may have been impressed with the contractor on the initial interview, it’s important to know ahead of time who will be working on your project.

If you work with a quality contractor that trains their own crew, you’d be surprised at what a positive difference that can make. Contractor employees tend to take more pride in the attention to details and the quality of their work than subcontractors.

3. Will you consult with our team before beginning the project?

Each business has their own unique work environment with different personnel and equipment. You should seek a “Pre-Job Meeting” with your contractor to go over the safety requirements, project expectations and business protocol around your company. Especially with roofing or painting contracts, you’ll want to keep your employees and equipment safe from any harm. On top of that, your management team needs to be aware of the specifications of the project to inform their own crews on what to expect.

4. Do you provide up-to-date training for your crew?

It’s alright to ask pointed questions when choosing a qualified contractor. Current training is very important to make sure that your project meets the highest possible standards. Especially with cutting-edge technology and equipment in painting and roofing, a professional contractor will be sure to have his employees fully trained on the latest techniques. You can also ask if they’ve received any awards or recognition for exceptional workmanship. An experienced contractor will be proud of their company’s achievements.

Remember, this is your business and you want the job done right. Like any employer, you should interview the best candidates and hire the contractor that holds to the highest professional standards. If you need help getting started, contact Preferred Inc. today.

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