Why The Preferred Advantage Matters

Discover the Top Benefits of Hiring Preferred

Is your plant in need of a little maintenance? Whether it’s time for new flooring, fresh paint or roof work, you’ll want the work to be completed with as few disruptions as possible. After all, shutdowns directly affect your bottom line. The Preferred Advantage ensures the fewest disruptions under the safest circumstances. We specialize in meeting and exceeding customers’ demands, and we’re confident that you will be pleased with the service we provide.

Industrial Services on Your Terms

All too often, industrial contractors are unwilling to budge an inch to meet customers’ requirements. The Preferred Advantage is our solution to this problem. Our company has been in business since 1973. Since then, we’ve earned a reputation for providing impeccable industrial flooring, industrial roofing and industrial painting services that keep disruptions and shutdowns to a minimum. At the same time, we keep safety a top priority. Case in point: We have a full-time safety director on staff.

Top Advantages of Working with Preferred Inc.

Some of the most compelling advantages of hiring Preferred Inc. for your industrial painting, flooring and roofing needs include:

  • No Subcontractors – When you hire us, we do the work. You never have to worry about trusting subcontractors to handle various aspects of the job. Our team does it all, so the buck truly stops with us.
  • State-of-the-Art Training and Technology – Our employees are trained continuously, and we invest in the latest and best technologies to ensure they have the tools they need to get the work done perfectly every time.
  • Pre-Job Meetings – Before commencing the work, we’ll sit down with you and your team for a pre-job meeting. This is your opportunity to outline your specifications to us so we can more readily meet your requirements.
  • Stay Up and Running – Thanks to our first-rate suppliers, continual training, value engineering and other commitments to quality, we’re able to keep plant shutdowns and disruptions at bay.

Preferred Inc. has received national awards for our outstanding service. We are also pleased to provide detailed quotes that lay everything out for your well ahead of time. In this way, you can more easily prepare your employees for the work that will be performed. We use professional specifications to ensure the utmost quality down to the smallest detail. More crucially, our hazardous communication program makes safety a top priority every step of the way. Well before work commences, our team will understand the hazardous materials requirements of your facility and will adhere to them throughout the project.

Experience the Preferred Advantage

Keeping your facility in great shape is a snap with Preferred Inc. In no time, you’ll find out why the Preferred Advantage sets us apart from the competition.

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