Cleaning and Sanitizing

Our Response to COVID-19

Commitment to Safety

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to affect the world, it has become more important than ever for facilities to ensure the health and safety of employees through proper sanitization protocols. Whether your operation is an essential service working through the crisis to keep the nation functioning or if your business is anticipating re-opening as stay at home orders relax, Preferred’s cleaning procedures will help mitigate the threat posed by the virus.

Cleaning The Work Area

As with all of our other industrial services, Preferred is happy to work with you to customize a cleaning and disinfecting schedule that will minimize the impact on your business’ day to day operation.

How Does Coronavirus Impact Your Facility

The novel Coronavirus is proving to be a resilient pathogen that is thought to be able to live up to five days on most metal surfaces, up to three days on plastic surfaces, and up to 5 days on glass and ceramic surfaces. Such long survival times in the environment necessitate frequent and thorough cleaning and sanitization in order to maintain worker safety during the ongoing pandemic.

CDC Recommended Protocols

Our team is here to apply CDC recommended cleaning and disinfecting protocols by:

  • Pre-cleaning surfaces to remove excess debris and particulate waste.
  • Disinfecting high touch-point areas with approved sanitizing chemicals, applied using Sanispray Pumps.
  • Fogging general work areas with sanitizers, applied using fogging machine and electrostatic sprayers.

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