Roofing Repair Request

Schedule your Roof Repair

Preferred is here to meet all your industrial roofing needs. Whether you need us to patch a few leaks, perform preventative maintenance such as drain cleaning, conduct a metal roof recover, or replace your entire roof, we have you covered.

Please use the form to request a free roof repair estimate and we’ll send our experienced professionals to your facility to conduct a thorough inspection of all roofs on site. We will identify all potential problem areas and make recommendations for both repair and preventative maintenance. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine.

Scheduling routine maintenance and addressing minor roof damage today will save countless future dollars by greatly slowing the deterioration of your buildings and keeping the expensive equipment within them protected from the elements.

Please Note: If your roof is currently under warranty, we recommend checking with the manufacturer to make sure Preferred is contracted to perform the repairs.



Industrial Roofing is a Team Effort

The Preferred, Inc. – Fort Wayne team is dedicated to total customer satisfaction. Providing the highest quality at a competitive price is our tradition since day one. Skilled installers, conscientious supervisors, helpful sales people and experienced management all work together to serve you.