Safety Program

Preferred Hazard Communication Program

We are THE Safety Professionals

Preferred’s hazardous communication program is designed to promote the health and safety of everyone. Training our employees to properly handle and dispose of hazardous materials and waste is a key element in our program.

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Preferred Safety Training Program

Pre-Job Safety Meetings

Pre-job meetings address any hazards specific to that job, the materials that will be present and the right precautions to take in handling them safely. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are used in these meetings and placed in corresponding files to reflect the materials used by our company.

Weekly Check-In Meetings

Weekly safety meetings reinforce first aid procedures, how to use personal protective equipment and general safe work practices. All employees complete EPA and OSHA training programs that meet or exceed regulation standards. All jobsite foremen are CPR and AED trained.

Safety Seminars

Our employees attend seminars to learn the latest methods and procedures for handling hazardous material and remain informed of changes in OSHA, State and Federal regulations.

Commitment to the Environment

Preferred is committed to maintaining a safe environment. Proper disposal of jobsite materials is a high priority. Preferred always follows proper disposal procedures and complies with all regulations.

Preferred will take every precaution to ensure that your project is completed successfully and safely. From the specification of materials, completion of the project, and disposal of jobsite materials. Safety and compliance are the foremost priorities of Preferred.

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